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The Knowniverse

All that you can know, is the knowniverse. Some knowniversi are quite small, maybe encapsulated by a short bus route. Others are quite immense. They rise and fall in memory like Pigeons on the wing. Whilst Sharkmoist believes he has dominion over the entire Cosmos. He is sadly mistaken. His empire whilst bigger than your average fridge freezer is but a speck on a Spock impersonator in Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Yet it is the knowniverse and it contains the :

Moistonian Empire ; The core of civilised pickle egged based society, where everything is Moist by Law!

The Outer Rim : This is where the deviants reside, disobeying the Moist laws, playing their own music willy nilly and corrupting the youth!

The Figgy outcrop : Here we find the annoying Figmund the 4th, selling his Figs and undermining the pickled egg  sales. So far he is kept at bay but occasionally he encroaches on Le Fig to try and woo Moistonians to his cause.

The Beautiful Barries : A ramshackle bunch of pirates named Barry. They are rudderless anarchastics that roam the knowniverse looking for kicks.

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Figmund Figbutter
the 4th

Figmund is on the fridges of the Moistonian Empire. A constant thorn in the side for Sharkmoist. He is attempting to destabilise Sharky Pickled Egg monopoly by giving Moistonians free Figs to free up their bodies and minds.

The figs unclog the bog of the fog that the Pickled Eggs meech mog.

The Knowniverse: Welcome

The Outer Rim

On the edges of the fading grip of the Moistonian Empire, the deviants reside in the Outer Rim. Here there is no need to sing praise songs to Sharky or quaff his pickled eggs. Instead the main emphasis is on forming a Racket Unit, a band to whistle through the dive venues and aim for the big one on Stella Port 9 or even a risky adventure on Squinchnaa.

Such luminaries as

Veer Wildly & the Off Message gang


Slambo Vartal 

Tank Sausage

ply their trade. Dodging the DMS spies who hide behind speakers with the top tweeters and subhuman woofs.

The rules are few and far in-between the cracks of the glass ceilings, wiggling away like wilful worms. As long as you are busy sticking it to the man (the shark) you'll get by just fine and have a rare old time. 

The Electric Funky Juice is neat here, not squeezed into the vile pickled egg to somatise your mind with Sharkmoist neural patches. Hot and sweet, pilfered straight from the Roger trees of Squinchnaa. 

Keep your wits about you and enjoy the tastes of the Outer Rim 

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The Beautiful Barries

They harry and sting at the coat tails of the Empire, marauding blindly in a blend of danger havoc. Occasionally venturing into the Outer Rim to maximise their minds. Beautiful Barry himself has been AWOL for a while leaving the other Barries like rudderless juggernaughts of mayhem.

Sharkmoist will launch the occasional purge if he's bored but as least they don't write any music that annoys him. Just spontaneous shanties that whip and wisp on the waves of time. 

If they could set their compasses and hatch a plan they may become dangerous. Instead they are mere wasps that induce strange dances for a few daze until they eventually slip away into the bedraggled night.

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The Knowniverse: Text
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