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Frank & The Belters
{Deviant Musicians}

Anyone in the Moistonian Empire that doesn't sing the praise songs of Sharkmoist are deviants. Frank suspects that might be you. If you are writing your own songs then keep an eye on the skies because that laser beam is about to shatter your dream.

Best bet is find yourself a spacecraft crazy enough to skedaddle you towards the Outer Rim. Captain Gooznooz currently has a 2 for 1 deal, just cut out the coupons in the Moist Herald or visit Oord Voids hairdressing shop for details. Email for co-ordinates.

Frank & the Deviants: Video

Franklyn Complicated Artichoke-shaped Transport Transport Isambaard 5721 Starshiphead

Frank & the Deviants: Image

The Belters


Quark Leptard 7

Fumble Bass


Colin From Cannock

Pro-ag-gressive Drums


Oscillating Oscaä

Repetitive Solos

Frank & the Deviants: Team Members

The Frasteroids are fronted by Frank Starshiphead who sings, plays the Frizerta and dances. Current members also include Quark Leptard 7 on Fumble Bass, Oscillating Oscaä on Flashitar and Colin from Cannock playing pro-ag-gressive drums.

The Frasteroids are also frequented by Marsupial faced Eric on Harp, Prince Chew_Baa on Tuba, Neon Nigel on Speedspoons, Sue Laxastiff on facetrumpet. Dio Teque continually claims to be in the band but Frank remains tight lipped on his involvement for legal reasons.

Frank & the Deviants: Text
frame-00116 2.jpg
Frank & the Deviants: Image
Frank & the Deviants: Music Player

Frank Starshiphead & The Asteroid Belters, often referred to as the Frasteroids or 'the belters' for the sake of brevity, are classified by Trillz music guide as a morph_audio_switch band. This new classification was applied to bands that have shifted between more than 7 genres during the Trillz tri-annual updates {This is a practical stance from Trillz due to the excessive administration multiple name changing causes - further notes in Trillz}. Frasteroids most recent genres during the last 3 years were:

Potato Jazz

Kitchfoil Hustle

Truck Silence




Danger Medicine

Due to the rapid cycling nature of the Frasteroids career the new genre 'morph_audio_switch' was applied to the band that Trillz had earlier claimed defies categorisation. The sojourn into Truck Silence proved too much for their drummer Colin from Cannock, in his 5th autobiography 'Hitting things a bit too hard' he reveals that waiting 27 hours to strike a single cowbell drove him to the dark side of Squinchnaa's underground. He was briefly replaced with a stuffed animal that had a pull string which Frank Starshiphead would use to strike the cowbell during live performances of 'This Truck has a flat battery.' When Colin's wild eyes eventually surfaced from their confused Squinchnaa exile he provided the backbeat fury that would drive the Frasteroids briefly into Fastpump!Fistpump! territory - one of his snare hits is so dangerous it was removed from the live EP 'Children's Dance Mix'.

Frank & the Deviants: Text
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