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Deviant Music Squad

Th DMS are always lurking, often burking around, but always on the look out for deviant sound.

Anything that has not been ratified by the Moistonian Council of appropriate music for the Masses is Deviant.

If the DMS catch you in the act of listening to, selling or Moist forbid creating Deviant music then its the ZOO for you.

Many strict Moistonians aspire to join the most moist brigade of the DMS. There is a vigorous and rigorous apprenticeship which does controversially involve listening to Deviant music. After all, to know the deviants they need to understand their sonic pathways. On rare, undocumented occasions a DMS student may go 'Woofcrazy' and start listening to deviant music whilst off duty. These students become known as Exmoisters and are enrolled abruptly into the ZOO! Rumour, vicious rumour, has it that an Exmoister is currently tunnelling their way out.

Following the training, a fully Moist activated DMS agent is a force to be reckoned with and they frequently ghost into the Outer Rim seeking out Deviants to haul back into the empire.

DMS: About

Chief Sponk

This is the highest rank in the DMS and is currently held by 

Tarquinni Reshuffle

Tarquinni was born outside of the Moistonian Empire, during a party on Squinchnaa, fluctuating and oscillating through youth. His friends were all Deviants and Tarq was captured prior to his Devimitvah and retrained in the Zoo.

Ofcourse he doesn't know any of this. Thoughtfully erased from the the brainbox, Tara has an uncanny ability to spot a Deviant at 9 Yards. During his Straight Machine training he set new records for breaking deviant records and would often eat Vinyl or old tapes in front of his bemused colleagues.

Occasionally he stares wistfully to the distant stars, feels a cable of neural pathways pull at his heart string. Then it snaps and he's back to capture more.

DMS: Image
DMS: Music Player
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