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Deviants Desperadoes and Doomdiddlerz

The Zoo: Image

Welcome to Ze Zoo

No Doubt you are here because of your musical deviancy. You have not been listening to the praise songs of Moisture. 

This is a very high, say goodbye to your dreams, security unit for malfunctioning brain bots like your good selves. All the loose screws have been tightened up and stuck down with glue, there's very little you can do but take part in the Zoo Kung-fu.

Whilst in the Zoo, which is forever, you will be forced to entertain the bored and insane members of Sharkmoist's Moist Inner Circle. The high flying, highfalutin, routine tooting nut bots of the Most Moist Moistocity. The likes of Tarquinni Reshuffle, chief Sponk of the DMS & Loaw Bendzer the newly appointed Electric Funky Juice Commissioner. Occassionally Old Sharkmoist may take a break from partying hard or blowing up planets to pay you a delightful visit.

You'll be forced to wear animal outfits and dance to Sharkmoist's latest hits until you fall over. If you can't do the crime people!

Although the Zoo has been certified escape proof by Group 5, a teasing loophole does exist >

Say Sharkmoist is Ze Best 10 times and you can leave.

I know impossible isn't it....

Meet Ze Desparadoes...

The Zoo: Services

Large Marsupial faced Eric


Corners McGeez

Sentimental Susan

The Zoo: Music Player

No Escape Suckerzzzz

Prepare for a most MOIST re-education program.

You will learn to love the Shark people!

The Zoo: Image
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