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Frank Starshiphead & The Asteroid Belters

On the run from the Moistonian Empire

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Welcome to an animated, musical extravaganza.

Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds & tastes of

The Moistonian Empire.

Meet Sharky & Frank

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Sharkmoist The 3rd

Ruler of the Moistonian Empire

Chief of the Pickled Eggs

Head Honcho of the Moncho.

His titles are widespread and some on the Outer Rim, where the deviants reside, are a little more disparaging. 

He is mildly self-obsessed, insists on music that celebrates his Moisture and feeds his minions drugged Pickled Eggs to keep them entranced.

Anyone that disobeys is hunted by the Deviant Music Squad (DMS) and sent to the Zoo for musical reform.

He has the biggest Laser in the Knowniverse and blows up planets to help manage his emotions.

Frank Starshiphead

Numero uno deviant

Frank plays the Fritzerta, sings and stares a lot. He is considered 'very naughty' and is always on the run from The DMS.

When he is not locked up in the Zoo for musical reform, he is out playing gigs in the Outer Rim, causing mayhem and inciting the youth to rebellion. Which is nice.

He refuses to eat Pickled Eggs and enjoys playing spacefotballism in his spare timeness.

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